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Welcome to ELMEC

ELMEC- Electromechanical General Trading and Contracting Company, is serving the technical fields of the Petro-chemical industries of Kuwait, while expanding such services to other States in the Gulf region.
ELMEC- has over 50 years of professional experienced engineers and marketing personnel in the contracting and related trading works.
ELMEC- concentrates on customer needs of the High-Tech Petro-Chemical Industry to the procurement of quality materials to these industries.

About Us

ELMEC has a wonderful record of serving its customers with excellent products. Giving Top Priority to customers interest is attributed to our growth and success. The referenced list of our customers stands as a proof of our exceptional work and service. We maintain the highest quality in our services and supplies. Our efforts in improvising the services and quality to the Construction and Oil & Gas industry would be unconditional and continuous.

Let us take this opportunity to assure you that we can cater to your needs with our excellent products which are exactly to your specifications and within the stipulated delivery period. While assuring you of our best services, we anticipate your valuable inquiries.


ELMEC- after years of experience maintained by its professional engineers and marketing personnel; ELMEC proudly covers technical fields in: Engineering, Contracting and Trading, all these have been developed through a comprehensive technical approach and services methodology to guarantee the success of all ELMEC’s projects and procurement involved in. Our services are offered, either in full or in part, as the client or beneficiary deems necessary.



Projects engineering support


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Scaffolding material Kuwait, Scaffolding erection Kuwait,
Steel pipes Kuwait
Wire mesh Kuwait
Clamps Kuwait
Tubes and Coupler Kuwait
30/60 mesh garnet
Scaffolding manufacturer Kuwait